The Case of the Grease Monkey’s Uncle.

Set in 1947 The Case of the Grease Monkey’s Uncle tells the story of James Arbuthnott and Archibald Cluff, two recently demobbed soldiers and their first case for the Arbuthnott and Cluff Detective Agency. An unlikely pairing, James was the taller of the two, with wavy fair hair and a moustache to match, very much the Officer and Gentleman and although of Scottish descent he had no trace of an accent, educated at Eton he had that distinguished confident air that immediately says, good breeding whilst his colleague was shorter and an altogether rougher diamond with ginger hair, from the East End of London, it would be true to say that one was tall and good looking whilst the other was not so lucky in the looks department and was built like a brick out house. Their first case involves the mysterious disappearance of the Uncle of William Trubshaw and involves, criminality, murder, intrigue, heroism and occasionally downright stupidity.

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